Track Your Calories, Exercise, and Weight

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The Score

Graphs like the ones below can help you understand what works for you, and get off the diet roller coaster for good. If you log your weight, the food you eat and the exercise you do for just minutes each day at Calorie Line, you will get graphs like the ones below. You can use those graphs to chart your progress, and to look for patterns that cause you to gain or loose weight.

Click on some of the graph icons below to play around. Notice how the day by day fluctuations you see in the daily graphs (here) are evened out a bit in the weekly graphs (here), and become a smooth line in the monthly graph (here). (You may have to scroll the page down a bit to see the larger versions of the graphs).

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Daily Line
Weekly Line
Monthly Line
Calories By Day of Week
Exercise By Day of Week
Calories By Time of Day

Weekly Line

Not enough data for weekly graph


The blue line shows your average calories/day. This is your weekly calorie line.
The orange line shows your average weight.
The green circles show are sized in proportion to how much exercise you got.

Click on the graph to see entries for a given week.